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Moxapy specializes in Infrared Therapy, Hot Stone Massage & Facial Treatments. These thermal treatments aim to strengthen and activate regenerative mechanism in the human body.  Infrared light provides therapeutic benefits to the living tissues on a cellular level.

At Moxapy you will find a combination of massage within the application of Hot Stone including Swedish, Deep Tissue and lymphatic drainage to offer a unique experience to each client like never before. We also utilize top quality ‘Moxa’ herb as well as ‘Doterra’ essential oil to speed up the healing process of cells renewal.

Therapeutic Hot Stone Massage
From $80 per hour

​Hot Stone can assist people who experience neck & shoulder pain, stiff neck or with sport injury, chronic strain & fatigue body. Hot Stone Therapy can increase the epithelial cell metabolism and active the sebaceous glands and sweat glands. This helps to relieve stressed tendons and muscles, accelerates blood circulation and the supply of oxygen to fully excrete the skin toxin.

Infrared Therapy
Moxibustion machine will be included in your massage session for FREE during Covid period*

Infrared Therapy is known for expanding the capillaries to increase the amount of blood flowing to the treated area, improving the oxygenation of the cells and helping to clear toxins from the blood stream faster. This helps facilitate your immune system functions.

Facial Treatment
From $60

This package is a 3 in 1 session which includes:

  • Hot Stone Detox

  • High Frequency Package

  • Ultrasonic Package

The full set is suitable for all skin types from with acne prone skin to the appearance of wrinkles. Each treatment will be altered slightly to suit individual's need. 

Infrared Sauna*
From $60 
$10 off per person when 2 people visit together

Detox the body from heavy metals, pesticides & environmental toxins. We provide towels, sauna wear and water to keep you hydrated throughout the session. 

* We do a complete wipe down including disinfecting our sauna every client visit to ensure the safety and cleanliness for our clients. 



18 Billy Button Close,

Seddon VIC 3011

Phone/SMS: 0432 840 450


Appointment required, no walk-ins.

Please call or SMS us if you require to book on the same day or weekends. 

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